Building a Documentation Site

06.05.2014 13:25Comments
KidoZen Documentation

We finally re-wrote our entire KidoZen Documentation site from scratch. It’s something I’ve been wanting to do for a while, and now was the time. Writing a good documentation site is not easy, and here are a couple of things we learned from having to re-do ours.

Validaciones en Express.js

06.11.2013 21:25Comments

Este post surgio como respuesta a una pregunta muy valida realizada en el grupo de Node.js-ar acerca de como realizar validaciones en las rutas de Express.js.

The Role of Engineers in Startups

06.09.2013 17:25Comments

Startups are unique organisations that usually require much more from their Engineers than traditional enterprises. Some of the greatest weapons startups have in order to compete against other companies are both Innovation and Agility to adapt fast to different situations. On the other side, Startup Companies usually operate under a great level of uncertainty. These extreme conditions, usually require a great effort from both the company, and from the Engineers...

Announcing KidoZen Release!

06.05.2013 13:25Comments

On the 2nd of May we announced the public release of our new product KidoZen, an Enterprise Ready Mobile Backend as a Service. We have built this product base on the premise that bringing mobility into your Enterprise, is not a matter of adapting your existing apps to a mobile interface, but rather to provide real mobile experiences that make sense to your employees.

Error handling in node.js

05.04.2013 17:25Comments

It is always a good idea to take good care of the errors and having a clear and efficient strategy for handling them. Node.js is not the exception to this rule, and provides multiple different techniques for handling errors in all the different scenarios...