SO-Aware - Putting OData to work

07.10.2010 19:52Comments
In my previous posts I have explained about REST and the different options we have in .NET for building RESTful services. One of these options is to use WCF DataServices, a WCF programming model with which you can expose a data model in a RESTful way using the new OData protocol. OData is a protocol that extends AtomPub to provide complex querying capabilities. Here is a real case: SO-Aware, a service repository tool by Tellago Studios that provides an OData-based RESTful API. With SO-Aware you can keep your WCF services information and configuration in one place, and have your services and clients consume this through a RESTful API. Here are some useful links:
  • Read more about it here.
  • Download an express edition here.
  • Download a Virtual PC image here.
  • Watch a video from channel 9 here.
So go ahead and check it out, you'll learn two cool things: how OData can be used in real products, and an excellent tool for service governance.

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