My experience at Tellago...

07.03.2011 18:05Comments
Now that Tellago is hiring again, I thought it was a good opportunity to blog about what I've been telling everyone for while now. So here are some stuff about working at Tellago. The thing that impressed me the most when applying for a job at Tellago was the amount of excellent professionals the company has. I was thrilled about the idea of working with so many guys from whom I was going to be able to learn so much. Here are some of the guys I've had the pleasure to work with so far: Even though this was enough motivation for me to join Tellago, the story doesn't end there. Tellago is the only company I've ever heard of, that actually is really concerned about our careers, and does a lot of effort so that we can grow ourselves as professionals. Just to give an example, last year's CodeCamp BA sponsorship, which they did while not even having customers in Argentina, but they did it so that we could participate and give out presentations. Another prove of Tellago's great commitment to their employees, is that Tellago has decided to send me to the TechEd 2011 and pay for the entire thing! As you guessed by now, I can't be more thankful since going to US has been a wish for me for a long time, and now I get to not only go to US but also attend to this amazing conference! And last but not least, if you like challenges like I do, if you like researching and implementing fun stuff, if writting a Linq provider for Mainframes sounds interesting to you, or maybe a DataService provider for MongoDB, a WCF Channel for Event Broker, or even a load testing library using Rx, and a lot more, then Tellago is the right place for you! Putted into Jesus words:
WE DO NOT CARE IF YOU DON'T HAVE A GREAT RESUME!!!!!! We care about your talent and passion.

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