SO-Aware Test Workbench Release

09.03.2011 18:23Comments
Today, Tellago Studios has released the first version of “SO-Aware Test Workbench”. With this new tool, Tellago Studios is bringing service testing world closer to developers. This tool allows you to use SO-Aware service repository to execute both functional and load tests. You can even create your local projects, and later export these to SO-Aware. For an episode on this tool, you can click here. Here’s how easy it is to use this tool, after you install and open it, you can browse to your SO-Aware service repository in order to use the service and test configurations. image Use the SO-Aware explorer to browse your services, and your tests. image Pick from one of the following options:
  • Run Test: run the test and visualize the result from this option.
  • Run Load Test: pick from one of our 4 different types of load test and watch the results in real-time as the tests are executing.
  • Visualize: See the historical records of the test executions stored in SO-Aware.
  • Copy: copy one or more tests from your SO-Aware explorer into your local Project.
  • Edit: edit the test from this tool and save the changes to the service repository.
  • Delete: remove the test from the service repository.
So if you don’t have SO-Aware already, you can download the express edition and give it a try!

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