Attending TechEd NorthAmerica 2011

27.05.2011 21:06Comments

This year, I had the chance to visit US for the first time, and go to the TechEd NorthAmerica 2011 thanks to Tellago, the company I work for. I can’t be more thankful for working in such a cool company that will go through all the trouble of taking me from Buenos Aires to Atlanta for the TechEd. Apart from having a great time at the TechEd I also knew 4 of my co-workers: Elizabeth Redding, Jesus Rodriguez, Suresh Girirajan and Chris Love; which was totally awesome. I’ve also met some very cool guys from Microsoft that even said they loved the stuff we were doing with the SO-Aware Test Workbench!

In the sessions I have attended, I have learnt so many cool stuff, here’s just a few I can think of:

  1. Windows Azure: Web, Worker and VM roles.
  2. SQL Azure
  3. Azure tables
  4. Azure blobs
  5. Azure Windows Connect
  6. Azure AppFabric: Service Bus. Development Tools. Application Manager
  7. Private Cloud (I’ve actually seen one in action right there running all the hands on labs)
  8. Entity Framework 4.1: Database initializer. Entity framework migrations (for updating existing database). Enums support!!! (for those who were there :P)
  9. SQL Server (code name ‘Denali’): text search and spatial improvements.
  10. WCF 4.0: routing, discovery, dependency ping, web service governance.
  11. WF: real world scenarios (Jesus Rodriguez), and State Machine (Ron Jacobs).
  12. WIF: extensibility points.
  13. Windows Phone 7: Microsoft Push Notification Service(

And all this fun stuff in one week! It was certainly a remarkable experience, and I hope to be able to do it again soon.

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