Tellago Studios launched Telesharp!

30.06.2011 14:24Comments

I am very happy to announce a new product release by Tellago Studios. Telesharp is what we call an application repository, and it will make the configuration management much easier and better by centralizing the applications assets, the configuration settings and logging of all the applications in your company.

Having worked as a Configuration Manager in some projects, and being in charge of deployments, I know how painful it is to keep the configuration files up to date. Half of the deployment problems are basically somebody forgetting to add some settings in a configuration file. Not to mention the fact that developers usually don’t have access to production credentials, etc.

So in my opinion, Telesharp is a must have application in every company with a formal configuration management process (which should be every company :)).

Visit the product page at Telesharp for an amazing overview of all the features in the product. And if you want to see it in action, check out the videos here.

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