Introducing Hermes – Open Source Pub/Sub

12.07.2011 14:12Comments

We are very excited to announce that Tellago DevLabs just released a new open source project, Hermes. Hermes is a publish/subscribe messaging engine based on HTTP and MongoDB. The project is open source, and it’s hosted in GitHub. The code can be downloaded from here, and Hermes documentation can be reached here.

There are several things that makes Hermes a very attractive alternative for doing pub/sub:

  1. it provides a fully documented RESTful API making the engine as interoperable as it gets.
  2. it is a very light weight .NET alternative.
  3. it is open source.
  4. it will run either on premise or in the cloud.

So don’t hesitate to give it a try, we are looking forward to your feedback :)

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