Announcing KidoZen Release!

06.05.2013 13:25Comments

On the 2nd of May we announced the public release of our new product KidoZen, an Enterprise Ready Mobile Backend as a Service. We have built this product base on the premise that bringing mobility into your Enterprise, is not a matter of adapting your existing apps to a mobile interface, but rather to provide real mobile experiences that make sense to your employees.

What is an MBaaS?

A Mobile Backend as a Service, provides out of the box backend services specifically built with mobile in mind. For example, Push Notifications for native apps. This backend services will usually not be necessary outside the context of a mobile app, and are necessary for providing the perfect experience for the user.

Suppose you have a CRM, and you want to build an app to see special types of orders on you mobile devices. On this app, you want to build a "recently viewed" list of orders. And what's more, you want this list to be shared across all the user's mobile devices, so that when the user sees an order on his cellphone, that order is listed in the recently viewed when He opens the app on his tablet. Normally, this would require some extra infrastructure. With KidoZen, you can use the Out Of The Box backend services so you don't have to build it yourself.

What makes KidpZen different?

Apart from being an MBaaS, KidoZen was built and designed with Enterprise Mobility in mind. This means that we spent a great amount of effort making sure we supported many of the scenarios typically found in Enterprise Applications, like Identity Federation, Line of Business Systems integrations, etc.

The other aspect where I think that KidoZen excels, is at staying out of the way from your favorite platforms, APIs and IDEs. There's no need for installing insfrastructure to start using KidoZen. You can work with your favorite Libraries, just import the KidoZen SDK for the specific platform, and you are ready to go.

Try it out!

If you would like to give it a try, you can sign up at and the tell us what you think!

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